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Hospitality Business Planning and Quality Management

Our hospitality business planning and quality management support will strengthen your business performance. Planning for your business and providing a quality service is vital to achieving  your business goals.


Professional hospitality management requires an in-depth knowledge of Finance, Operation and Customer Service, HR, Sales & Marketing and Business Planning – our business support will strengthen your requirements.

Your business must have a forward-looking plan – otherwise you don’t know whether you have achieved your targets or not. Business planning is an essential process which will ensure that you know how well your business is performing and how to take advantage of your business strengths and counter weaknesses.

Strategic Business Planning is a medium to long term planning process. It considers both internal and external factors which will have an impact on your business in the future.

Quality Management is defined as “consistent delivery of agreed service standards”. How consistent is your service? We advise on setting standards of operation and how to implement and monitor those standards.

To control and measure your service performance and customer care we offer an in-depth assessment in form of a Mystery Guest Program  . Our program will be tailor made to your specific needs and operation. The program findings will complement your on-line customer reviews. Analysing your customer feedback properly will automatically lead identifying areas which may need some attention.


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