Fire Safety Management

Fire safety management and training is of utmost importance for all accommodation providers. Our workshops ensure adherence to policies & procedures and the law.

The recent Karachi hotel fire was a stark reminder that hotels and other accommodation providers must maintain a robust fire safety management system.

In November we conducted fire safety management workshops in 5 hotels. The trainees were heads of department and duty managers.

The main focus of our training session was to remind participants of their responsibilities and required action in line with the fire and emergency procedures of the hotel.

Each workshop was set up for night and day staff as there are differences concerning fire safety duties.

The order of actions and responsibilities were discussed and explained; this included following steps in sequence after a fire alarm was triggered. One of the main points was of course the guest evacuation – especially of guests with special needs. Communication and task assignment amongst the day and night time teams was also an important topic. Communicating with the fire and rescue service was addressed as this can be of vital importance.

We also discussed the hotel’s fire safety measures which included fire hazard spotting, the hotel’s periodic checks of fire safety equipment, checks of machinery and equipment as well as electrical and gas systems. The importance of departmental training regimes was highlighted and examples of role-plays were given. It was pointed out that the duration of fire safety training does not have to be long – it must only be effective.

We felt that our workshops were well received by all participants and that our intervention further strengthened the general fire safety of each hotel. Three of the hotels had fire authority visits in recent weeks and all hotels were given the satisfactory pass-mark without any further stipulations.

We are happy to discuss the robustness of your fire safety management system and any specific requirements you may have. Please contact us.

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