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Does your food and beverage operation experience any of these issues?

  • Increasing costs and expenditure?

  • More competitors – branded or non-branded?

  • Problems with finding skilled staff?

  • Getting mixed customer feedback?

  • Trouble as a result of authority visits?

  • Wanting to open a new restaurant, bar or café?

Let’s talk. I promise you won’t regret it!

I have worked in many food and beverage operations

The reasons why you will benefit

The food and drink market is very competitive and diverse. From hotel restaurants, independent or branded restaurants, burger vans, cafes, bars, pubs, clubs, takeaways, event operations – just to name a few F&B type businesses, the competition is tremendous. You need to perform above average to succeed!

Do you want to be a market leader and beat the completion?
Do you want to be more profitable?
Does your business conform to legal requirements?

“I specialise in assisting independent food and drink
businesses to improve profitability and customer service."

My main focus is to provide tangible solutions that activate positive change in your business and ensure success in the long term.

I am a specialist Food and Beverage Consultant based outside of Edinburgh and I have worked in Glasgow, Perth, Aberdeen the Highlands and Islands, South of Scotland and other areas of the UK, Europe and many other international countries.

Staying ahead of food & beverage expectations and trends is very complex

Your customer service needs to be spot on. This requires well trained staff with a “want-to-do” attitude - not just “can-do”.

You must increase the productivity level of your staff in order to control costs.

Your menu and concept needs to be fashionable. For this you have to know your market well.

You may have to amend your menu or even the entire concept to respond to rapidly changing trends.

You must know your competitors, where they are, how they perform, how and why they are successful in order to define your opportunities.

You must be able to respond quickly to market changes and seasonality.

You must control all your expenses and costs

Do you master all this on your own?
How good are you in looking ahead and making the right decisions?

Still not convinced?

Then read a little more about what I do below

Customer Service and Profit

Profitability and quality of customer service are intrinsically linked.

I specialise in assisting independent food and drink businesses to improve profitability and customer service. Your engagement with me will ensure your future success.

My main focus is to provide tangible solutions for positive changes

I will look at all your expenditures – including staff costs, cost of sales and administrative costs. A thorough and in-depth assessment of your financial performance will most likely find cost savings.

By assessing your staff and management productivity I will conduct a benchmarking exercise and check your main KPIs. Using modern technology can help to enhance your productivity levels and provide valuable information if your read the data correctly. Further, I will be looking at how well you are dealing with your human resources e.g. your strategy to finding, recruiting and retaining staff. By looking at your staff and management training proficiency, I will assess the strength of your training plans and training structure.

Understanding your market positioning is paramount to improve your market competitiveness, select effective marketing methods and ultimately your business success. Your marketing and promotional activities must be streamlined to retain current and attract new customers. The effective engagement with social media is of utmost importance.

Drawing conclusions from your customer feedback will determine whether your standards of performance are sound or must be improved to be meeting your customers’ quality expectations.

Planning ahead is more important than ever. If you don’t have a plan you can’t compare how successful (or not) you are. Your forecasting must be sound to ensure a positive cash flow – your business plan serves as guidance and measure of success.

I believe that these topics are the most important components which influence your business success. They are all interlinked and impact on your general business performance. You may do well in some areas but how do you deal with the less well managed areas?

As a small operator – can you afford the time and resources to address all these issues?

My role is to challenge your thinking and decision making process
I provide solutions and energise you and your team

Your Future Challenges

Is your business ready to face any future challenge?

There will be considerable challenges for food and drink businesses in the years to come – especially for non-branded and independent operations. Some of these challenges are:

  • Availability of skilled labour – what is your response to tackling this issue?
  • Employee costs will increase – what can you do to alleviate this expenditure?
  • Cost-of-sale increases are likely to continue based on economic uncertainties – how will you address this issue?
  • There may be unforeseen cost increases other than rate and utility cost hikes. Have you considered growing costs to respond to changing customer trends and cyber security costs – have you factored this in?
  • Expenditure of using modern technology - are you willing to invest?
  • Fast changing trends and customer preferences. Shifting customer loyalties – how will you react and will you be successful minimising the impact on your business?
  • Acquisitions or joint ventures may cluster and therefore affect your market – are you ready for this?
  • New and more innovative products will suddenly appear – how will you face this challenge?
  • Further tightening of food and drink regulations may be forthcoming. How will you make sure that you comply with the law? I offer a comprehensive assessment.

Any of these issues will also affect your profitability.
Are you ready to take action?

Talk to me!

I will give you advice concerning your specific questions

Planning a new food or drink venue?

I help new starts and investors who seek to get into the food and drink market.

Having a “good idea” to establish a new food and drink venue is not enough today.
Some fundamental questions must be asked otherwise a project is doomed to fail.
I have seen it!

Looking at trends and general market conditions is important when
planning a new food-drink venue but there is much more to consider.

Some of the points I review are

  • What is your food and drink concept?
    Scrutinising the concept with your key product features such as target market, location, philosophy and design, name, branding, menu offer, pricing, management and staffing and much more is absolutely vital to see if the concept “stacks up”.
  • Will your food-drink business succeed under current and future market conditions?
    I believe that without thoroughly assessing the market you won’t be able to confirm (or otherwise) the project viability and sustainability; your business won’t come off the ground.
  • How strong is your financial plan?
    An in-depth assessment of your financial model is crucial. From the initial investment, pre-opening and operating budgets to monthly cash-flow projections – your numbers must be very strong to succeed.
  • Is your operation well thought through?
    This assessment includes all operational matters such as management and staffing criteria, selection and recruitment, establishing standards of performance, policies & procedures, training plans etc.
  • Have you considered meeting your legal requirements?
    This is an often neglected subject but it will seriously impact a business if not followed. From the initial authority approval to staff training allot of issues can go wrong or are forgotten.
  • … and much more!

I test your thoughts and plans
I will provide advice how to overcome catering project challenges

Try me!