Fire Safety Management

Fire Safety Management Fire safety management and training is of utmost importance for all accommodation providers. Our workshops ensure adherence to policies & procedures and the law. The recent Karachi hotel fire was a stark reminder that hotels and other accommodation providers must maintain a robust fire safety management system. In November we conducted fire…
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Karachi hotel fire

Karachi hotel fire A devastating fire caused multiple fatalities and injuries amongst hotel guests in a Karachi hotel on 5th December 2016. Apparently the fire started in the hotel kitchen early in the morning. Several claims and counter claims circulate about how this tragedy unfolded. From media sources we understand that apparently there were no…
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Service support

Effective Intervention A few weeks ago we engaged with a restaurant which is part of a visitor attraction. Our remit was to review the service performance and general functionality. The objective was to improve customer service for the new season. We found that staff and management were very much focussed on delivering good customer service. However the structure of…
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