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Our Client Base

We at Hospitality Advisory Services specialise in providing support and advice to our clients in the accommodation sector, for food and drink businesses, visitor attractions and to project planners such as developers and architects.

We assist small and medium size businesses in tourism and hospitality focussing on individual requirements of our clients.

Our support and advice services aim at enhancing the operational functions of our clients.

Modern hospitality management requires a vast skill base and attention to detail in order to satisfy customers. We seek to strengthen the operational performance of our clients with services tailored to the need of each client operation.

We have helped and assisted many businesses since our company started in 1999.

Some examples of our support services include:




We at Hospitality Advisory Services believe that there are considerable benefits when engaging with an external specialist.

For example it provides you with an opportunity to view your business from a different perspective. Our joint performance analysis will open up new business approaches and opportunities.

Engaging with an external advisor will strengthen your competitiveness and your businesses performance.

Check out our client services and contact us for more specific details and to discuss your requirements.