F & B Management

Food & Beverage Management - ensure professional catering


We specialise in providing food & beverage management support to individual operators or businesses who seek to deliver a more professional service.


Our support and advisory services cover the following topics:


Restaurant (F&B) concept development for new projects or for restaurant alterations.

Many mistakes are made at the start of a project. These mistakes can have severe negative implications for example affecting day-to-day running of a business. Sadly we have plenty of examples where proper advice would have averted serious mistakes especially in lay-out, service matters, circulation space etc


General services and operation review – checking the performance of a food service outlet.

We recommend conducting a Mystery Guest check to identify how well an operation functions. Based on any findings, we will focus our advice on enhancing your F&B operation where required.


Developing F&B operation service standards - Service standards are the foundation for any quality driven operation.

Without service standards you will not be able to achieve a quality performance! Also see section “Quality Assurance – Standards of Operation”.


Service or Waiter Training

Professional service training should be conducted in any food service business in order to provide a superior customer experience. - For more details see “Food Service Training”.


Kitchen Management advice and support

“Chefs are artists not administrators”. Our support ranges from establishing a kitchen management system which must contain house rules (including allergen management), correct HACCP documentation, keeping track of training issues etc.

We conduct Kitchen Hygiene Audits to ensure that your operation is meeting the required legal obligations. Also see Kitchen Hygiene Advice and Auditing


For more detailed information about our services and to discuss your specific requirement, please contact us.

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