Food and Drink Services

Specialist support and advice for better food and drink services

Hospitality Advisory Services provides specialist support and business advice to food and drink services such as restaurants, cafes and catering operations.

Our goal is to improve and strengthen businesses offering food and drink services. We know that our support and business advice makes a difference and it enhances the operating performance significantly.

Consistent service delivery is of the utmost importance for food and drinks offering services. Maintain customer loyalty, attracting new customers or just trying to survive in a rapidly changing market environment requires considerable skills and knowledge.

Customers can post an on-line review with pictures whilst still experiencing food and drink services in a restaurant, café or any other catering operation.

There is a lot of pressure on catering operations to ensure a positive customer experience.

For more information consult the below listed links and find out how Hospitality Advisory Services can assist.


Mystery Guest Program

We strongly believe that an in-depth service performance assessment will highlight areas which often are not scrutinised in customer comments left on third party sites such as or TripAdvisor. Based on our findings we provide recommendations and help to implement solutions.


General Business Support

Here our support and business advice focuses on financial and operational matters, sales and marketing, human resources management and training as well as business planning and forecasting. Hospitality Advisory Services also reviews efficiency and productivity performances.


Other important support and business advice include:

Business and Strategic Planning

Setting Standards of Performance

Waiter Training

Food Hygiene Management

Food & Beverage Management


Using an external support and business advice specialist can have significant benefits:

  • you will obtain a different perspective of your business
  • our support and business advice is tailored to your operational needs
  • during our discussions we open up new business opportunities
  • you don’t have to worry about payroll expenses


Contact us at Hospitality Advisory Services for more information and to discuss your requirements for expert support and business advice.


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