Food Service Training

Ensure to provide professional waiter service

Proper and professional food service training is the foundation of a quality catering operation. Besides that, service training will guarantee lasting success.

Customers visit many different food and drink serving establishments and can therefore distinguish between poor, average or first class service.

Dishes coming from the kitchen may be exquisite but if the service does not match your food quality, the customers experience will not be rated well.

Providing proper and efficient food service is not complicated. I know it. Most importantly, you must know that consistent delivery of a professional service will ensure that you run a quality operation.

My approach

I focus on:

  1. understanding your current service level and service performance
  2. clearly identify the weak and strong areas of your service
  3. look at your current service standards and training method

Then you, your team and I will progress to:

  1. defining the ‘basics’: discipline, professionalism and customer knowledge – based on your service environment and expectations
  2. we develop a training program based on your business requirements
  3. I will point out the importance of “service standards”: no standards – no quality. We can develop service standards very quickly using the “coffee cup” example which explains setting standards – in minutes
  4. we will define the sequence of service – starting with greeting customers all the way to saying “see you again soon”
  5. we will look at selling and up-selling skills – if required we can address easy ways to making a few more pounds

My tailor-made course is designed to strengthen senior managers, supervisors and line staff.

I can engage on a “one-to-one basis” (ideally 2 persons minimum) or in a group session (maximum 10 participants).

I will focus on the practical application of your service standards. For this I use role plays adapted to the specific needs of your operation.

Tangible benefits

You will have considerable benefits which includes

  • have an energised and professional service team
  • your team will perform a superior customer service and therefore provide a better customer experience
  • will have a competitive edge

During my engagement at your business, I will also encourage your managers and staff to use techniques to train new and less experienced team members.

Please contact Hospitality Advice to discuss your specific requirements