Kitchen Hygiene Advice

Kitchen Hygiene Advice/Auditing – meet you legal obligation

We provide Kitchen Hygiene Advice/Auditing  services to food serving businesses. Our support and our advice will ensure that all you legal obligations are met consistently


Our Kitchen Hygiene Advice services include:

  1. Providing guidance and support for all matters concerning food hygiene
  2. Setting up, managing and controlling a Hazard Analysis and Critical Control (HACCP) system
  3. Devising Food Hygiene Policies & Procedures including Kitchen House Rules
  4. Assisting with Allergen Management including menu display solutions
  5. Establishing a functional and effective Kitchen Management System
  6. We provide support in any matters concerning Environmental Health Officer visit.


Our general approach steps are:

  1. A complete assessment of the food operation
  2. Operation based solutions and recommendations
  3. Step by step implementation and control of any agreed actions

We conduct workshops for staff and management (also see “Statutory Training and Workshops”)


Our Food Hygiene Audits comprise of

  1. Control of kitchen management system - stability and consistency of system
  2. Operational control – processes and adherence to legal requirements
  3. Facility assessment – inside and outside
  4. Administration – suitability and consistency of documentation

A written report concludes the audit.

Picture evidence will be provided.

Recommendations and/or solutions to any issues will be provided


Please contact us for any further information and to discuss your requirements

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