Marketing Management

Marketing Management - know your market – advance your business

Knowing your market is one cornerstone to ensuring a successful business performance. Target-driven marketing management is essential.


Below are some examples of our marketing management services:

  1. Reviewing and advising on your market positioning and customer/business segmentation
  2. Examining your pricing structure and flexibility
  3. Developing a"seasonal promotional plan" to enhance business opportunities
  4. Assessing the effectiveness of your promotional engagement, direct sales, PR and social media activities
  5. Reviewing your digital media armament and its effectiveness, dealing with OTAs and memberships
  6. We also review branding issues and highlight the importance of an accurate brand identity and display


We are also open to discuss any issues surrounding long term Strategic Marketing.

For this we address:

  • Looking at trends and defining your strategic choice for making decisions for the future of your business


Also have a look at "Business and Strategic Planning".


For more detailed information about our services and to discuss your specific requirement, please contact us.

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