Workplace Training

Operation Training

Workplace training – THE magic key to business success

Operation training – or “on the job” training (OTJ) or workplace training is one of the most important cornerstones of a business. Without OTJ training there won’t be a quality based operation, therefore you lose out.

Staff and managers must be “trained” to provide professional services, meet customer expectations and to meeting business expectations.

How successful is workplace training or on-the-job training carried out in your business?

The reason why I ask: beacuse staff and managers are often “thrown-in” and told just to get on with the job. The potential results are obvious. This is especially true when a business has high staff turnover and/or no suitable trainers.

Most importantly, effective OTJ training is essential in all customer facing departments of hotels, restaurants-bars and visitor attractions.

What you need

I believe that OTJ training must be well structured, consistently carried out and focussed on the specific requirements of the business.

What do you need to be structured? How about:

  • Job specifications
  • Job descriptions
  • Trainee needs assessment
  • Training plan
  • Trainer
  • Standards of operation
  • Task breakdowns
  • Control and appraisal system

This may sound quite complicated but it must not be. However, the better you are structured the more likely you will get a top performance from your employees.

I can help you to bridge the gaps and come up with practical solutions! Because I know it works.

My approach

  • I look at the operational requirements and effectiveness of your current “on-the-job” training system and who does the OTJ training
  • identifying gaps in your training system is important and I make suggestions to fill these gaps
  • you and I discussing your operational training needs
  • I recommend effective and efficient training solutions
  • This may include demonstrating training techniques to your team members or trainers
  • Then we (you and I) develop a tailor made course to meet your specific needs and requirements

These points are just an example of how I would go about supporting your operation training; my specific approach depends on you and your operation.

Who is training?

One of the key necessities in any business is to have trainers. These are managers or staff members who know

  • how to train
  • whom to train
  • when to train

If you have a lack of such important trainers – I can help with my “One-Hour Only Train the Trainer” course….it is quick, easy and effective– and not at all complicated.

Your trainers will ensure that OTJ training is firmly embedded in your operation – and that it is carried out consistently. You will feel and see the quality of your business improve!

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