Other Hospitality Providers

Third Party Support

Third Party Operators such as developers, investors, banks and architects are very important cornerstones of  the hospitality and tourism industries. Hospitality Advisory Services’ support is aimed at providing specialist expertise to such third party entities.

We want to ensure a project's viability, proper functionality and customer oriented service.

Some of the providers we have supported include:


Architects and Developers

When planning and developing catering or accommodation facilities, very often the operational functionality gets neglected or is underestimated. This results frequently in poor accessibility or customer circulation, inadequate storage facilities and space or generally un-friendly atmosphere.

We provide support and advice to architects and developers to ensure that new-builds or refurbishment projects have well-functioning operations which ultimately will allow for a more profitable business to meet financial requirements.

Some examples of our operation support include:

  • Project Development and Refurbishment Advice



We have been involved with assisting banks and accountancies in a variety of support functions which included:


Enterprise Companies

We have worked extensively for Scottish Enterprise, Business Gateway and Highlands and Islands Enterprise over the years in a variety of support and advisory capacities.

Some examples of our operation support include:

Using an external and independent specialist can have significant benefits as we can look at a business or a project from different perspectives and provide sound solutions or recommendations.

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