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Project Advice
Be smart and plan it right

Professional project advice to new construction or refurbishment projects in hospitality or tourism is essential for a functioning operation.

What can go wrong?

Projects are often drawn up on paper without placing sufficient emphasis on operational conditions or requirements.
As a consequence a business or an operation may be affected long-term resulting in a lower profitability and/or return on investment.

For example at a restaurant development, we feel that some areas are crucial to be considered at an early planning stage:

1. customer access and/or circulation space

2. general lay-out of premises considering service and food production sections

3. choosing the right location for food service area and kitchen facilities

4. storage and chilling facilities – location, size and capacity

5. type of service model (e.g. self-service vs a serviced operation) - considering “bottle-neck” situations or limitations to overall service functionality

6. food production facilities must be suitable and appropriate to guaranteeing the expected food quality based on the food service concept. The kitchen layout is crucial to the success of an operation

7. the service flow between in the kitchen and customer service area must function flawless; location of service stations, order systems etc is important

8. delivery and waste areas – these are often forgotten in plans or not considered to be important. An operation will suffer based on such flawed decisions

9. staff areas – are often not available or not suitable.

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Avoiding mistakes at the planning stage will ensure a properly functioning operation contributing to the success of a business. Architects are not waiters or chefs!

Similar considerations must be taken for hotel and visitor attraction planning. The operational functionality is often neglected or completely disregarded when planning such projects.

We have seen too many badly functioning hospitality venues. Bad functionality of an operation has a sever impact on the business. Rectifying mistakes at a later stage is usually costly.

A brief discussion about a project can have a significant impact and decide between success and failure.

You must know and act

Any client must be aware that refurbishment and construction projects must adhere to the “Construction (Design Management) Regulation 2015”. Meeting these obligations requires in-depth coordination with the client’s H&S arrangements. We assist and advise.

Please contact us to discuss your project and what support we can give to make it a true success