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Statutory Training & Workshops - “Meet your legal obligations”

We provide advice and support in operational Health & Safety and Food Hygiene management.


Health & Safety

Our Health & Safety advice services address the following topics:

  • General legal aspects and obligations
  • Risk Assessments and their purpose
  • Fire safety management
  • First Aid and accident reporting
  • Main hazards and risks in your operation
  • Importance of PPE, hazard spotting and H&S training
  • H&S administration
  • Discussion of case studies

Health & Safety legal requirements can be very complex. It is therefore important that you implement and adopt these requirements in your day-to-day business activities rather than operating a tick-box system. Management leadership and buy-in is absolutely essential.

We can also help with:

  • Establishing a functional H&S system
  • Establishing policies and procedures and other administrative processes including functional guidance documents
  • Conducting, implementing and amending risk assessments including fire risk assessment
  • Establishing emergency procedures including making a proposal for crisis management

In order to assist you with any advice we must first carry out a thorough assessment of your current operation and set up.

We recommend auditing your H&S performance on a regular basis.


Kitchen Hygiene

Our Kitchen Hygiene advice services address the following topics:

  • General legal requirements and purpose of kitchen hygiene management
  • Principles of HACCP
  • Minimising and avoiding cross-contamination
  • House Rules and implications
  • Allergen management
  • Discussion of case studies

Again- a thorough assessment of your current operation and set up is essential and we recommend a reoccurring auditing regime to ensure consistent legal compliance


Assistance can be provided for:

Liquor Licensing

  • General requirements and management
  • Set up of a functional system and procedures
  • Training and meeting statutory obligations


Courses and workshops are tailored to your specific needs and requirements. Courses are designed for senior managers and supervisors and can be arranged for “one-to-one training” (ideally 2 persons minimum) or for a group session (maximum 10 participants)


For more information and to review your specific requirements please contact us

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