Third Party Services

Third Party Services – for Architects, Developers, Banks and Public Agencies

Hospitality Advisory Services provides support services for architects, developers, financial institutions and public agencies who are dealing with hotels, café-restaurants, visitor attractions and tourism projects.

Our aim is to provide professional and operation-oriented advice and support on topics which are often neglected or underestimated.


Architects and Developers

Architects and developers may require advice during a project planning phase to ensure that an operation is properly functioning after opening. Insufficient focus on the operational needs will most certainly lead to difficulties when operating a hotel, café-restaurant or visitor attraction.


We at Hospitality Advisory Services have sadly seen many hotels, café-restaurants and visitor attractions affected by poor and inadequate operational planning. In other words: avoiding mistakes at the planning stage will ensure a well-run operation contributing to the success of a business.


Our third party services focus on development or refurbishment projects of

  • Hotels
  • Café-restaurants
  • Visitor attractions
  • Any other accommodation business (e.g. self-catering)
  • or food and drink venue (e.g. bars)


Hospitality Advisory Services also provides third party services to financial institutions such as banks or accountancies (e.g. dealing with insolvencies) and public agencies. We call this service “hands-on-management”.



We have been involved with assisting banks and accountancies in a variety of support functions which included:


Enterprise Companies

We have worked extensively for Scottish Enterprise, Business Gateway and Highlands and Islands Enterprise over the years in a variety of support and advisory capacities.

Some examples of our operation support include:


Using an external business advice specialist can have significant benefits:

  • our third party services are tailor-made focussing on the specific requirements of an issue
  • there are no payroll expenses


Contact us at Hospitality Advisory Services for more information and to discuss your requirements for expert business advice.


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