Hotel Operations Management

Support Services and Business Advice for Hotel Operations Management in the Hospitality Industry


Hospitality Advisory Services specialises in assisting small and medium size hotel operations providing need-based management solutions for issues arising within operations.


Our main aim is to add value to your operation.

We want to help you to boost your turnover whilst assessing whether costs can be reduced in order to increase your profit.


Hotel operations can be very complex and require considerable input to maintain or even improve the business performance; and of course to stay “legal”.

We specialise in strengthening your hotel operation by offering our expertise.

Our support services and management advice focus on topics which we feel are very important within a hotel operation.


Our Support

Financial hotel performance – we review KPIs, costs/expenses and assess how your profit can be increased. Have you looked at all options?

Customer care and customer service – can the quality of your operation be improved?

Business planning – do you compare your past performance with your projections and plan for the future of your business?

Staff and management – how can you strengthen this key asset to enhance your business? Have you checked staff productivity levels?

These are some of the topics which we address in our General Business Advice.


A very successful way to review your operation is to test it. Our tailor-made Mystery Guest Program does just that. We focus on those elements you like to get feedback on. The results from our findings will be used to action any shortcomings clearly aiming at improving your operation.


Strategic Business Planning - which is an essential tool to achieving your long term goals – we help you with that.


Your service quality delivery will ultimately be responsible for the success of your operation or hotel in general. We believe that setting Standards of Performance are an excellent way to control the quality of your hotel business. Standards will also be used for training which ultimately will guarantee long term success. 


Where Food & Beverage Management is an important part of a hotel operation, proper cost control is essential. How successful are you with controlling your expenses and costs?  

A quality driven customer service is very important when striving for a profitable F&B operation. This can only be achieved with consistent Food Service Training and Training Workshops - which we provide.


No hotel operation can be consistently successful in our view without having a periodic control and auditing system in place.

Statutory requirements constantly change and demand adherence by the hotel operator. Failure to do so can be costly. All is well till something goes wrong…

Our auditing systems have helped to prevent serious clashes with authorities and also ensured that hotel operations run smoothly. We specialise in Health & Safety and Food Hygiene as well as Environmental Management. We give advice and we audit.

If you don’t take your legal obligations seriously your entire hotel business may be at risk. Checking your legal compliance periodically will help to strengthen your hotel operation and give you a peace of mind.


Your Benefits

We believe that it is difficult to promote or market a hotel - indeed any hospitality business, if the operation is hampered by problems.

Therefore we are convinced that using an external business advice specialist can have significant benefits for your operation:

- our support services will be tailor-made to your requirements

- our advice focus on your business needs

- using an external adviser can open up new business opportunities

- we help you to get a different perspective of your business

- we are not on your payroll you don’t have to worry about salary costs, sick-leave or holiday planning – we are there when you need us.


Contact us at Hospitality Advisory Services for more information and to discuss your requirements for expert business advice.


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