Hotel Operations Management

Support Services and Business Advice for Hotel Operations Management in the Hospitality Industry

Hospitality Advisory Services specialises in assisting small or medium size hotel operations providing need-based management solutions for issues arising in operations.


Of course we also help other accommodation providers such as guest houses or self-catering operators.


Our business advice specifically focusses on important operational matters which are often neglected or not sufficiently managed.


Small and medium size businesses often find it hard to compete with multi-unit operators, national or international chains. These operators appear to have the necessary economy of scale to influence or sometimes dominate the market.


Therefore our hotel operations management services seek to strengthen the business performance of smaller operators.


Our support services and management advice focus on topics which we feel are very important within hotel operations. Our aim is to ensuring the best possible customer care. This is ultimately the key to maximising profitability and to ascertain a successful future performance.


General Business Advice

Successful hotel operations management depends on handling many different functions which all are essential to ensuring a profitable business. We assist our client with advice and support focusing on the specific client issue. We will consult with other industry experts where and when required. This may include revenue management, sales and marketing expertise, property or central reservation management systems etc.


Mystery Guest Program

At  Hospitality Advisory Services we strongly believe that an in-depth service performance assessment will highlight areas which often are not scrutinised in customer comments left on third party sites such as or TripAdvisor.


Other important hotel operations support services include:

Business and Strategic Planning

Setting Standards of Performance

Food Service Training

Food & Beverage Management

Environmental Management

Health & Safety and Food Hygiene Advice

Statutory Training and Workshop


Using an external business advice specialist can have significant benefits:

- you will obtain a different perspective of your business

- our hotel operations support services are tailor made to meet your business needs

- during our discussion we open up new business opportunities

- you don’t have to worry about payroll expenses


Contact us at Hospitality Advisory Services for more information and to discuss your requirements for expert business advice.



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