Whithout proper trainers you can't train

Train the Trainer

Staff training is the cornerstone to your success

How good are you in training your staff – would ‘train the trainer’ help you?

Train the trainer is the most important tool in your training arsenal. Having professional trainers will guarantee that your business is successful.

What does it take to be a trainer in hospitality and tourism?

My approach is simple and will address the following key topics within YOUR operation:

  • Whom to train
  • When to train
  • What to train
  • How to train

I will also answer questions such as:

  • How long must a training session last
  • What are the benefits of ‘operating standards’

Most importantly, I will conduct practical training sessions using role plays. My training session will be tailored to your specific needs and business requirements.

My train the trainer course can be brief (e.g. 30 minutes) or more detailed. One point is for sure: the train the trainer course will be specific to your business and focus on your service expectations.

The course can be done on a “one-to-one basis” (ideally 2 persons minimum) or for a group (maximum 10 participants).

Once the course has been delivered at your premises you will experience an immediate benefit to your business.

I consider ‘train the trainer’ to be the most important training course. I am certain that having trained trainers in your business that they will transform your operation.

An important foundation for operation training is to have ‘Operating Standards’ or ‘Standards of Performance’ or similar guidelines in place.

Using your SOPs or operation guidelines, your trainers will ensure that all your staff members and management will learn and perform to the same standards. This will guarantee a quality operation.

For more information see ‘Quality Assurance and SOPs’

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