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Training & Workshops – effective and professional

We at Hospitality Advisory Services conduct training & workshops on a variety of topics - tailored to the need and requirement of hospitality businesses.


Our specific training programs are out lined in Operation Training, Waiter Training and Train the Trainer.  These training sessions would include workshops.


We also offer workshops formulated to your particular requirements.


Other workshops focus on statutory obligations - for example, we provide advice and support in Health & Safety and Food Hygiene management.


Health & Safety

Our Health & Safety advice services address the following topics:

  • General legal aspects and obligations
  • Risk Assessments and their purpose
  • Fire safety management
  • First Aid and accident reporting
  • Identifying  hazards and risks in your operation (hazard spotting)
  • Pointing out the importance of PPE and H&S training
  • H&S administration
  • General discussion and use of case studies


Meeting Health & Safety requirements can be very complex. Nevertheless these requirements must be adhered to in all business activities. Our approach is to make staff engage with Health & Safety rather than following a tick-box system.

Management leadership is absolutely essential.

We can also help with establishing:

  • a functional H&S system
  • policies and procedures and other administrative processes including functional guidance documents
  • emergency procedures
  • a control system for your fire risk assessment


We recommend auditing your H&S performance on a regular basis.

In order to assist you with any advice we must first carry out a thorough assessment of your current operation and set up.


Kitchen Hygiene

Our Kitchen Hygiene advice services address the following topics:

  • General legal requirements and purpose of kitchen hygiene management
  • Principles of HACCP
  • Minimising and avoiding cross-contamination
  • Setting up and controlling kitchen house rules
  • allergen management


Again- a thorough assessment of your current operation and set up is essential and we recommend adopting a repeat auditing regime to ensure consistently meeting legal obligations.


Assistance can also be provided for:

Liquor Licensing

  • General requirements and management
  • Set up of a functional system and procedures 


Courses and workshops are tailored to your specific needs and requirements.


Courses are designed for senior managers and supervisors and can be arranged for “one-to-one training” (ideally 2 persons minimum) or for a group session (maximum 10 participants)


For more information and to review your specific requirements please contact us

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