Visitor Attraction Services

Advice and Support for Visitor Attractions

Café-restaurant and retails operations are important income sources of Visitor Attractions. Hospitality Advisory Services provides support and specialist business advice to visitor attractions.

Our objective is to enhance the café-restaurant and catering operation. Catering is an important element of the overall visitor experience.

Therefore, café-restaurant services must be tailored to the needs and expectations of customers.

Café-restaurant operations must be profitable in order to contribute to the success of a visitor attraction.

Some examples of our support and business advice include:

General Business Advice

Mystery Guest Program

Setting Standards of Performance

Food & Beverage Management

Train the Trainer

Working with Architects and Developers


We have assisted many visitor attractions over the years.


What we do

We focus mainly on operational matters of café-restaurant and catering operations; this includes food concept development, selecting the all-important type of service style and café-restaurant floor layout. We assist with kitchen planning and work closely with kitchen equipment manufacturers and ideally with architects as part of our third party services.


Hospitality Advisory Services works closely and in association with “The Retailer” – a specialist who provides support and business advice for any shop and retail requirements at visitor attractions. This includes merchandising, maximising sales per floor space and much more.


We provide support and business advice to new projects or developments but also assist refurbishment projects of visitor attractions.


Ideally Hospitality Advisory Services and “The Retailer” would like to engage with a project at an early planning stage in order to avoid costly mistakes which often affect the operational performance of visitor attractions.


Using an external business advice specialist can have significant benefits:

  • you will obtain a different perspective of your business
  • our visitor attraction services are tailored to your operational needs
  • during our discussions we open up new business opportunities
  • you don’t have to worry about payroll expenses


Contact us at Hospitality Advisory Services for more information and to discuss your requirements for expert business advice.



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