Visitor Attractions

Advice and Support for Visitor Attractions

Café-restaurant and retails operations are important income sources of Visitor Attractions. Hospitality Advisory Services provides support to ensure that a visitor attraction is successful and a profitable business.

Hospitality Advisory Services has been involved with many visitor attractions over the years. We focus on operational matters including lay-out and food concept development as well as service training and guidance for managers.

HAS works closely with “The Retailer” who specialising in all shop and retailing requirements. Ideally we would like to be engaged with a project at an early planning stage. Therefore we can assist an entire project right through to the post opening stage.

Because retail and café-restaurant services are an important income source of any visitor attraction, these services must be well executed on a consistent basis to guarantee a positive overall visitor experience.

Some examples of our operation support include:

The main benefit of using an external specialist is found in obtaining expertise advice on food and drink services as well as retailing which very often are critically neglected.

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