Productivity in Hospitality - how would you compare

“Productivity” is high on the agenda in Britain at the moment.

We, at Hospitality Advisory Services (HAS) wonder how productivity in hospitality fairs in the UK - in particular in Scotland.

We have devised a case study using a Bavarian restaurant in Munich as an example.

The 220 seater restaurant operates over 3 floors (basement, ground floor, first floor). The menu changes frequently - especially on a seasonal basis. There is a large selection of Bavarian dishes on offer, the food is locally sourced and there is – as you can expect a considerable variety of drinks available – especially different local beers.

One of the restaurant's slogan is: “save water, drink beer – the best you get here!”

The service staff members consist of one manager, seven floor-waiters and 1 drink-dispenser behind a service bar - front of house. Evening food-covers exceed the double seat turn-over. The restaurant is ranked amongst the first 100 of 3,000 restaurants in Munich.


Now: how many waiters would it take to run such a restaurant in Scotland?


We are seeking to start a discussion addressing the productivity in hospitality and like to hear from you.

Do you have any issues with productivity?

What are your plans to increase productivity?

How will you go about it?

What are your main issues regarding productivity?

Would you consider accepting some external advice and support?

We like to hear from you. Contact us at Hospitality Advisory Services or leave a message.

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