Training & Development

Training & Development – “Cornerstone to Your Success”

It is not always easy for hospitality businesses to recognise the importance of training and development.

However, most operations acknowledge that a business performance is substantially influenced by how well staff and management are trained and what guidance they are given to develop in a business.


Our support and advice focusses on the following topics:

  • Food service training – theoretical and practical application how to conduct food service professionally by staff and management
  • Operation training – our focus is to providing support to customer facing staff and management to maximise results of “on-the-job training”
  • Train the Trainer  - is in our view the most important qualification you must have to ensure proper and effective training is carried out in your operation
  • Statutory Training and Workshops – are aimed to ensuring your business complies with legal obligations in Health & Safety, Kitchen Hygiene and Alcohol Licensing
  • Mentoring and Coaching  -  are important support functions to developing staff and management to the benefit of your business and of the mentee
  • Operational support for engaging with an Apprenticeship Programme - if your business intends to engage (and you should do!) with apprenticeships it must be done following a structured operational plan based on your business; we help to set up such a plan

Training must not be complicated nor time consuming – it just needs to be effective and produce results. We assist and support your business to make the most of your training efforts.

For more information please view our services for more details and/or contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

  • Apprenticeship Programme

    Apprenticeship Programme

    We assist small and medium size businesses to establish a proper apprenticeship programme tailored to the needs of the apprentice…

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  • Food Service Training

    Food Service Training

    Food service must be done professionally – it is the foundation of a quality operation and will guarantee lasting success

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  • Operation Training

    Operation Training

    THE magic key to business success is “on the job training” – an important cornerstone of meeting top customer service

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  • Train the Trainer

    Train the Trainer

    Knowing when, whom, how and what to train – Train the Trainer is the most important qualification you must have…

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  • Training & Workshops

    Training & Workshops

    “Meet your legal obligations” We provide operational advice and support in Health & Safety, Kitchen Hygiene and Alcohol Licensing

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  • Mentoring & Coaching

    Mentoring & Coaching

    Our Business Mentoring & Coaching services focus on strengthening your business with targeted guidance and advice.

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