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Apprenticeship Support

Staff development for our future

My apprenticeship support is targeted at small and medium size businesses in tourism and hospitality.

The aim is to assist any hospitality business which seeks to implement an apprenticeship program but has problems with starting and running an apprenticeship program.

I focus on the specific requirements of your business and operation to ensuring that both, the apprentice and your business obtain maximum benefits from the program.

What other support is available?

I fully endorse “The Scottish Apprenticeship in Hospitality” program . This program is industry led by well-known businesses in order to “develop and inspire the next generation of highly skilled talent for the Scottish hospitality industry”.

Considerable assistance for the engagement with apprenticeships is available via “Skills Development Scotland” and “People 1st”.

As part of this support you will be assigned an external “trainer” by “People 1st” and/or “Skills Development Scotland” to look after your apprentice(s). This trainer will ensure that you follow the “guidance and standards” set by Government

Mind the gap

I feel that there is a gap between the services provided by these organisations and what your business or operation really requires.

At the core must be a feasible plan with distinct guidelines based on your requirements for your apprentice(s) and business to ensure best results for both.

My aim is to

  1. Support YOU to set up a viable training system/plan based on YOUR operation to meeting the targets set for the apprentice
  2. Focus on all operational matters within YOUR business. An apprentice must learn how YOUR operation works. This task can only be managed by you and therefore requires a tailor-made and structured operational work program

For that purpose, I strongly recommend that your business has suitable and proficient internal ‘trainers’.

Why do you need internal trainers?

You need capable internal trainers who will teach the apprentice the required tasks and processes in YOUR operation. Who does this in your operation?

Many small and medium size businesses do not have such resources. That is why operation training or ‘on-the-job’ training is often suffering.

I train, advise and support your internal trainers based on the work programme set for the apprentice.

This is the “Continental European” way – and it has been successful for many years! I know about this from experience.

Having gone through an apprenticeship program in Germany and having come in contact with similar programmes in France and other countries, I understand what is required to guide an apprentice to become a knowledgeable staff member.

It is absolutely vital that the internal business structure and support functions are in place to ensuring the success of an apprenticeship program. How well is your business organised for this?

Why engage with an apprenticeship program?

The hospitality industry needs more and more professional staff – and not only as a consequence of BREXIT.

Apprenticeship programmes are an excellent way to ensuring that properly trained and developed employees enter our industry to meeting our future needs.

An apprenticeship programme provides a solid foundation for a successful career.

My support will ensure that your operation AND the apprentice will benefit from the apprenticeship programme.

Contact Hospitality Advice for information and let’s discuss details to your approach.