Apprenticeship Program in Hospitality and Tourism

Help your business and the industry

A recent article in the Caterer has hit the nail on the head about the potential benefits of an apprenticeship program in hospitality and tourism – but it also outlined the possible pitfalls if a workplace trainer is not available.

The article pointed out the importance of an “in-house workplace mentors” which has to be trained by a training provider. I could not agree more with that but why “mentor”? Is there no dedicated work place trainer integrated in each business? Who does the training in businesses now if such a trainer is not in place? Could this be because businesses don’t see training as an important part of business success?

I could go on asking more questions about this subject. However, I’d rather give a solution: hospitality businesses MUST have one (or ideally more) persons in charge of training. Period! The trainer must know: whom to train, when to train and what to train.

“What to train” is a tricky question if “standards” have not been properly set. This is why I recommend engaging with a quality assurance program which will tackle these issues – systematically and in a structured way.

An Apprenticeship program and a quality assurance program should be high up on your strategic planning agenda.  It would require looking at ways how you can make sure that your business is much stronger to face the future. At the same time an apprenticeship program will also strengthen the much needed supply to the workforce of our industry.

I’ll be writing more about quality assurance and setting standards of performance very soon – stay tuned or get in touch for more information.