Bar Staff Training – the Cost

A short case study about the cost of NOT training bar staff properly

Recently I attended a meeting at a pub which was known for its excellent beers.

A courteous bar staff member asked what I would like to have and my choice was a wheat-beer which was on offer.

The bar staff had to ask one of the other three staff who were chatting with each other behind the bar – which glass had to be used.

The bar staff then proceed with filling the glass – by holding it at an angle under the beer tap; however, she must have fully opened the tap as the glass quickly filled with foam. She let the foam run over the glass rim for a considerable time, hoping to get some beer into the glass.

She came over to tell me that it will take a few minutes – good service; then she continued pouring the beer in the same way as before after the glass was about half full with beer. More beer foam poured down the drain…

When I received my beer after the wait it tasted fantastic but I wonder what the true cost of this beer was. Double, triple glass down the drain?

Wheat-beers often are poured from bottles but there is no difference when pouring it from a beer tap. The technique is the same and very easy to train.

If you wish to know more about pouring wheat beer, please contact us; but especially contact us if you like to know more about how to properly train staff and reduce the cost of sale or wastage!! We provide solutions and improve your profit.