COVID-19 Recovery Support for Hospitality & Tourism Businesses                                         

Small and Medium Size businesses in hospitality and tourism have been severely affected by COVID-19. They could benefit from a targeted one-to-one recovery support program.

We all know that hospitality businesses are fragmented. Each business offers different services based on size, format, concept, markets, customer segmentation, location etc.

No business is the same. In short: each business has to deal with different COVID-19 issues and needs individual recovery support.

My COVID-19 Recovery Support service-offer

I propose to advise, mentor, motivate and support businesses – each on their own terms, not herded together. My focus will be to discuss the specific conditions and situations each business is in. Consequently, we will identify solutions to advance the business by looking at the various opening-recovery scenarios and time frames.

After all, it is clear by now that re-opening and the anticipated recovery will happen in phases. We must plan for each stage and get ready for the next one. This must be done by each individual business since some operations may face a delay in opening based on regional permissions.

Likewise, each business must face and anticipate the “new normal”. This means finding innovative ways to get back into business and grasp new opportunities by adhering to the new guidelines or laws.

Therefore, I suggest a structured approach and to follow a business specific checklist for each stage. This process will ultimately lead to a detailed action plan which can be used by each business for implementation and to control progress.

My support program has 5 stages:

  1. Current lockdown actions     (Respond) – this is still relevant despite knowing the potential opening date
  2. Preparing for opening            (Reset)
  3. Opening week                       (Restart)
  4. Medium term actions              (Recovery…)
  5. Long term actions

These steps are aligned with VisitScotland’s “4 Rs – phased approach to planning and activity” and the associated Scottish Tourism Alliance – STERG “National Action Plan”.

Contact me to discuss your situation and we’ll go through my checklist focussing on your business. I use virtual platforms such as Skype, Zoom et al, even the old telephone to communicate with you.

Also have a look at the NEWS section where I outline some specific actions in relation to the COVID-19 recovery.

I will guarantee that you will benefit from my free COVID-19 recovery support package. You have nothing to lose. Invest some time and talk to me.