Does your hotel experience any of these issues?

  • Increasing costs and expenditure?

  • More competitors – branded or non-branded?

  • Problems with finding skilled staff?

  • Getting mixed customer feedback?

  • Trouble as a result of authority visits?

Then I can help!

I have worked with these hotels

Contact me – I promise you won’t regret it!

Why I know that you will benefit from my support

My aim is to strengthen the competitiveness of individual operators who are facing an increasing number of branded hotels in a very volatile market. Branded hotels and hotel chains have dedicated support services and expertise which independent operators often lack.

My ambition is to fill this gap and to focus on boosting the performance of independent hotels, small hotel groups, self-catering operations and guest houses – any operation with a bed.

I am a professional Hotel Advisor based outside of Edinburgh and I have worked in Glasgow, Perth, Aberdeen the Highlands and Islands, South of Scotland and other areas of the UK, Europe and many other international countries.

Do you want to increase your operating profit?

Need any help to improve your general business performance? 

Is your business meeting all legal requirements?


These three important business
facts are intrinsically linked

Your profit depends on maximising revenues and managing expenditure without hampering your customer service.

In return your business performance largely depends on your customer service and service quality – or specifically on the level of service you want to provide to keep your customers happy.

Finally, you don’t want to jeopardise your business by not meeting legal requirements. Your operation and success might be at risk if you are fined or even worse: closed for neglecting your statutory obligations. Rebuilding a shattered reputation will be costly and take a long time.

Still not convinced?

Then read a little more about what I do below.

I provide an array of services to strengthen
your profit, performance and legality

Increase your profit

You and I will be analysing your room occupancy, REVPAR, payroll-cost, cost of sales and try to make sense of your profit margin. What kind of conclusions can we draw from these results?

What kind of action do we have to take to improve your profit? I am sure you have some ideas of your own – but why not listen to a hotel advisor and my thoughts? You and I must discuss the market conditions and decide on measurable actions.

Other questions I will ask focus on the productivity level of your staff and recruitment. How well you are using technology to enhance your productivity? What have you done to retain existing staff and what specifications do you have to finding new staff?

Better profitability

You and I review your “gross operating profit per available room” (GOPPAR) and compare it with industry norms. What can or must be done to improve the performance – and how? Your external Hotel Advisor will stimulate your thoughts to enhance your business performance.

I look at all these questions with you – and much more. An essential part of our review is your business planning and strategic approach with all its connotations.

The purpose of my intervention is to offer you a fresh and independent view of your operation and to find ways to improve your profitability.

Crucially, my role as a Hotel Advisor is to challenge your thinking and decision-making process.

Our discussions will provide solutions and energise you and your team.


Improve your business performanceImproved Services better Profit

The quality of your service depends on many factors. Foremost it relies on your management concept, structure and staffing but also what you consider to be a quality service.

All hotels want to “exceed customer expectations”. But only a few achieve it reliably – are you one of those operators?

How consistent is your service delivery? Without consistency and well-established operating standards there will be no quality – period.

What administrative and managerial structures do you have in place to ensure that your staff members operate effectively and efficiently?

Assessing training needs, conducting training to achieve the desired level of service – how good are you at all that?

As a small operator – can you afford the time and resources to address all these issues?

I could go on and on asking questions – but I am more persuaded to providing you with tangible and effective solutions in discussions with you and your team. A tailor-made assessment of your operation following the customer journey will provide important information. I also review your other customer feedback and on-line customer ratings. And draw recommendation for improvements from that.

Meet your legal obligations

Are you sure your Health & Safety management systems are sound? Do your food hygiene standards meet the required level to fulfil your customer promise of excellence? Are you familiar with your environmental obligations when operating a hotel?

Why should you be concerned about those issues when your main purpose is to run your business and make a profit?

I tell you why: because if you fail in any of these duties you risk losing your business. You may be fined or even go to prison. Ok – but it was not my fault – my staff messed up. No – you are responsible, and you will be accountable for any short-comings.

Ah – you might reply: “all my documentation is in order. My staff members do online training courses in staff induction, Health & Safety, food hygiene, allergen management, liquor licensing, fire training and even customer care” – really?

Meeting Statutory Requirements