Some lose – some win!

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Customer Service in Focus During a recent visit to one of my hotels, the importance of customer focussed service was again highlighted – which in my eyes includes meeting statutory requirements. On a positive note: the hotel I work with had an Environmental Health Officer visit last month which showed no significant issues. The business performance during the festive season exceeded last [...]

Professional Food Service Training

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Professional Food Service Training Enhance the proficiency of your service staff My personal experience tells me that many employees who are dealing with food service in restaurants and at events have never been properly trained to carry out their duties professionally. Professional food service training will help to change that. So - Are you getting ready for the Festive Season? Are you [...]

4 Tips for Launching a Click and Collect Service at Your Restaurant

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4 Tips for Launching a Click and Collect Service at Your Restaurant In this article, Mike Hardman from catering equipment suppliers Alliance Online offers his advice for launching a click and collect service at your establishment. Now that delivery apps have introduced consumers to the idea of eating restaurant food at home, many restaurants are offering click and collect options so their [...]

Quality Assurance in hospitality – Part 1

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Quality Assurance in Hospitality A brief history of quality assurance Any business – especially in service-oriented industries such as in hospitality and tourism should consider engaging with Quality Assurance and establishing service-related Standards of Performance. This is easier said than done. Let’s have a brief look at the history of quality management and what our industry can learn from it. How quality [...]

Apprenticeship Program in Hospitality and Tourism

By |2020-07-03T11:40:25+01:00May 30th, 2019|Featured|

Apprenticeship Program in Hospitality and Tourism Help your business and the industry A recent article in the Caterer has hit the nail on the head about the potential benefits of an apprenticeship program in hospitality and tourism – but it also outlined the possible pitfalls if a workplace trainer is not available. The article pointed out the importance of an “in-house workplace [...]

Vision for the future of your business

By |2020-07-03T11:36:23+01:00April 12th, 2019|Featured|

Establish a vision for the future of your business Top Priorities A recent article in “The Caterer” outlined the key concerns of hospitality operators. Establishing a vision for the future of your business must be a top priority. Top of the list is of course is the uncertainty about BREXIT and all related side issues such as rising costs and rates, safety [...]

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