Quality Assurance in hospitality – Part 1

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Quality Assurance in Hospitality A brief history of quality assurance Any business – especially in service-oriented industries such as in hospitality and tourism should consider engaging with Quality Assurance and establishing service-related Standards of Performance. This is easier said than done. Let’s have a brief look at the history of quality management and what our industry can learn from it. How quality [...]

Apprenticeship Program in Hospitality and Tourism

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Apprenticeship Program in Hospitality and Tourism Help your business and the industry A recent article in the Caterer has hit the nail on the head about the potential benefits of an apprenticeship program in hospitality and tourism – but it also outlined the possible pitfalls if a workplace trainer is not available. The article pointed out the importance of an “in-house workplace [...]

Vision for the future of your business

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Establish a vision for the future of your business Top Priorities A recent article in “The Caterer” outlined the key concerns of hospitality operators. Establishing a vision for the future of your business must be a top priority. Top of the list is of course is the uncertainty about BREXIT and all related side issues such as rising costs and rates, safety [...]

The cost of poor restaurant service

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The cost of poor restaurant service        Sadly I heard the following real story: a Christmas lunch reservation was made for 14 persons at a hotel restaurant; the cover price for the lovely sounding menu was £50 per person. The reservation on Christmas-day was set for 2pm. When the party arrived, the table was not ready and was then quickly arranged. The table [...]

Happy New Year

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Wishing you a successful 2019! What will the future, especially the next calendar year bring? Now is the time to ask some questions. At the moment it is difficult to look into the future – for many reasons but you can and must look back and analyse what has worked well and what needs to improve. Reviewing your performance and results within [...]

Bar Staff Training – the cost

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Bar Staff Training – the Cost A short case study about the cost of NOT training bar staff properly Recently I attended a meeting at a pub which was known for its excellent beers. A courteous bar staff member asked what I would like to have and my choice was a wheat-beer which was on offer. The bar staff had to ask [...]

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