Non-adherence to C-19 hospitality guidelines

Last weekend I encountered the non-adherence to C-19 hospitality guidelines in two pubs which were in stark contrast to my visit to a client’s hotel.

Pub 1

Well done:

  • The open entrance was clearly marked, it was explained that there is a one-way system
  • A sanitising station was located at the entrance door
  • The “wait to be seated” sign and floor markings indicated a 2 m distance were easily visible
  • All staff were wearing face-covering; it was recommended to make reservations for next visit
  • Tables appeared clean, were reasonably spaced out with Perspex separations
  • Orders were taken manually
  • Cutlery, drinks, and food were delivered on a try for customers to take off the trays

Must do better:

  • No sign: “you are now entering into a 1m zone” (which is was)
  • No customer details were taken!!! (tracing not possible)
  • Paper menus were NOT disposable (possibility of cross contamination)
  • No sanitising station available when exiting the toilet facilities; doors had been shut
  • Check was delivered in a folder (possible cross contamination)
  • Cash payment accepted
  • No sanitising station available at the exit (fire exit door had to be pulled open manually)
  • No signage of “Good to go”

Pub 2

Well done:

  • Open door – used for entrance and exit; paths separated
  • Floor distancing signage and sign: “you are now entering into a 1m zone”
  • Clear directional and “wait to be seated” signage
  • Contact details taken electronically
  • Two sanitising stations were located at the door – one for entry, one for exit
  • Disposable menus and clear “C-19 house-rules” placed on table (empty back page)
  • Food & drink ordered taken at bar counter – Perspex screen shielding till station
  • Contactless payment only, sanitising station available
  • Sanitising station on offer exiting toilets – doors had been closed

Must do better:

  • Staff did not wear face coverings in this high-volume venue!! Chefs apparently do. Wearing facemasks is apparently optional for staff – no comfort for an overly sensitive and weary customer!
  • Tables were somewhat spaced out, still fairly close but no Perspex separation
  • Not following own house rules: order-taking supposed to be at the table. No system to indicate that one person is in the toilet (1 in, 1 out system)
  • No table spacing, no Perspex separations
  • Drinks passed over non-shielded bar counter
  • Food is delivered and placed in front of customer reducing the distance between staff and customer to less than 1m (face covering?)
  • Customers are not controlled: walking against one-way system

In contrast I went to see a client who operates a hotel and normally well-known F&B operation. I had assisted in coordination with my client to devised a COVID 19 risk assessment by “walking the operation” and looking at all aspects of the accommodation and F&B service.

My “quick audit” found that all the safety issues had been addressed, implemented and that staff were very well trained. Some of the points which differ from the above pub experiences:

  • All arrivals (accommodation and F&B guests) are greeted at the entrance of the hotel
  • Posters explain house-rules which are also explained verbally
  • The contact details for F&B customers are taken followed by answering “Self-Declaration” questions with either “yes” or “no”:
    • Have guests had any flue like symptoms in last 14 days
    • Has anybody within group been diagnosed with C-19 in last 14 days…
    • …been in contact with anybody returning from high-risk country out-with Scotland
    • are all within group within a support bubble

Apparently, someone had come from a high-risk country via a third country – this person was not allowed to enter the venue.

  • There were plenty of sanitising stations, floor and directional signage, all menus were disposable, F&B orders were taken at the table (electronically), food and drinks were served on trays for customers to grab etc. All staff wear face covering etc etc

I was incredibly pleased with all the new service precautions which had been implemented. The managing director informed me that all staff are back to work, business is good and that customers leave 5-star testimonials on customer comment websites since visitors feel COVID-19 looked after by the hotel team.

What experiences have you had? Get in touch to discuss…