Mentoring and Coaching in Business

Business Mentoring & Coaching

External support and advice for your success

My Business Mentoring & Coaching services focus on strengthening your business with targeted guidance and advice.

External assistance can really transform your business performance.

The purpose of our coaching and mentoring support is to:

  1. re-focus your thoughts about your business
  2. enhance your business efficiency
  3. point out business opportunities and
  4. encourage you to look at new business potentials

My approach

It is simple: you tell me what problem, issue or opportunity you like to discuss. I will address any topic in a structured way following a proven method.

Jointly we will develop tangible and achievable new targets which will enhance your business performance. My aim is to add value to your business.

I will be at your side when action has to be taken and monitor progress leading to the desired success.

As an external source I may see things “differently” and this perspective often allows for fresh, new and innovative ideas to surface.

I have successfully helped companies as part of the Scottish Chambers of Commerce mentoring program and therefore am experienced in helping businesses.

Contact Hospitality Advice to discuss any business topic you seek to move forward and I will provide you with some first free recommendations.