Environmental Management in hopitality and tourism

Environmental Management

Strengthen your green credentials meet you legal obligation

Environmental management issues are often neglected because businesses focus on meeting financial targets and other objectives – understandably.

However, the problem with polluting our planet has taken centre stage and each business has an obligation to do their bit to getting “greener”.

Often there is also an expectation when business-deals are negotiated. “Green credentials” play an important part of inter-company business requirements and are requested when contracts are negotiated or renewed. For example tour operators may request a hotel’s environmental policy and want to know what steps are taken to meeting the “green standards”.

What is often forgotten – all businesses must adhere to environmental laws. Failing to do so can lead to fines or even worse – to prison. Understandably any prosecution will have an impact on the reputation of a business.

My approach

An assessment and understanding of your specific obligation is essential to pinpoint any deficiencies or areas which could be improved.

My services include:

  • Checking and auditing legal environmental requirements
  • Developing an “Environmental Management System” for any type of operation
  • General guidance to enhancing a business’s environmental proficiency
  • Advising on implementation or improving the grading with the “Green Tourism Business Scheme”
  • Conduct workshops to strengthen the environmental understanding of managers and staff

It is more important than ever to taking environmental matters seriously and I provide guidance and support to meeting legal obligations but also to enhance proficiency.

I am also happy to discuss any environmental support for projects and refurbishments. Using so called “renewable energies” will become more and more relevant in years to come.

For such requirements I consult with specialists based on the project specification. As an example of environmental friendly buildings and energy efficiency matters of private or even business dwellings can be experiences with “Hanse Haus”. Energy friendly systems not only help the environment but also safe money.

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