Health & Safety Management is important in hospitality businesses

Health & Safety Advice and Auditing

Meet your legal Health & Safety requirements

Many hospitality and tourism businesses would benefit from sound Health & Safety (H&S) Advice because “when something has gone wrong” – it is too late!

H&S is a complex issue and which has to be part of your daily business routine; I am aware that this is not a “sexy” topic but your business must meet legal obligations in order not to get caught out. I will conduct an appropriate stress-test.

H&S requirements apply to hotels, restaurants-bars and visitor attractions.

General Support Services

  • I will conduct a thorough assessment of your current H&S systems and procedures. Based on my findings I will make recommendations for adjustments and/or improvements
  • The main purpose of a H&S system is that it is functional and easy to use. If your system is complicated let me know, I can help you.

The foundation of a functional H&S system is to have sound policies and procedures and other administrative processes in place. I will provide you with effective guidance to achieve such a functional H&S system

  • I will have a look at your risk assessments including your fire risk assessment. How well are your “safe-systems of work” integrated amongst your workforce – how good is your H&S training structure?
  • As part of my assessment I will have a look at your emergency procedures and will advise on improvements if necessary
  • To strengthen your H&S approach, I conduct workshops for staff and management – see our “Statutory Training and Workshop” section.

Your Health & Safety system is only as good as your staff and management “buy-into” it. Testing your H&S system will give you a ‘peace of mind’

Operating a “tick-and-done” system can be very dangerous and leaves a business vulnerable to litigation and fines – and even prison. Therefore I suggest conducting frequent checks.

H&S Checks and Audits

My audits are based on your operation and your requirements.

  • I carry out checks and audits – assessing your operation at any given time. An assessment does not have to be long but it must be thorough.
  • Part of my assessment is checking the physical environment relating to H&S for example your fire and gas safety, business specific risk assessments, water safety management, dealing with third parties (e.g. contractors), HLP system maintenance regime etc
  • I will also check your administration which is required by law e.g. policies & procedures, training regime, first aid compliance and general administration etc
  • My audit feedback will be constructive and I provide recommendations and solutions to any arising matters.

You will receive a written report with picture evidence.

Please contact Hospitality Advice for any further information and to discuss your specific requirements.