The importance of professional HR management

Human Resources Management

Strengthen your people management

Managers and staff are the biggest asset of any business. Human resources management is therefore pivotal to the success or contributes to failure of a business

Recruiting the right staff for your business is only a small part of HR management – but a very important one.

Besides that, there are several other matters you have to get right to ensuring that your employees perform to your expectations.

What you need

A proper structure to your HR management would be beneficial. It should not just be a side-role within your organisation or even sourced out.

What do you need to be structured? How about:

  • Commitment to really valuing your employees. Do you have a vision how to achieve good HR management?
  • Manpower plan – outlining the structure of your staffing needs, salary scales, benefits etc.
  • Legally compliant policies and procedures including contracts, staff handbook, statutory training etc.
  • HR administration – from recruitment to employment termination
  • Training and Development Plan
  • Performance Management System

Each of these points can be highly complex with further topics under each heading. The details of each topic depend on the size and type of operation.

But in my opinion, these main HR management points must be addressed in hotels, restaurants-bars and visitor attractions.

My approach

Each and every business is different but I have to get an impression how you tackle your HR management. I will be looking at a variety of topics and will be asking questions.

  1. What is your commitment to looking after your staff? Who “looks after HR”?
  1. I’ll be reviewing your staff and management needs. This may include conducting a “productivity measure” exercise
  1. Are your policies and procedures well set up – what do they cover? How did you ensure that these are compliant with the law? Are they up-dated when required?
  1. How do you convey the message of your policies and procedures to your staff? How “engrained” are those rules with your employees?
  1. Is your HR administration well-structured for easier management? Do you have staff specifications, job descriptions, a recruitment selection process, contracts, orientation program, training plans, an appraisal system etc. …
  1. Have you defined your training needs? How is your on-the-job training executed? Is it effective?
  1. Is there a structured staff and management development program in place? What is your employee turnover per annum and why?
  1. Do you use an appraisal system – and is it effective?

Many further questions will come up when assessing your business and talking with you.

I believe that a structured approach to your human resources management is a vital cornerstone to ensuring your business success.

So please contact Hospitality Advice now for more information and to discuss your requirement.