Mystery Guest Program for better service

Mystery Guest Program

Identify strengths and weaknesses of your business

My mystery guest assessments are suitable for all hospitality and tourism businesses – for hotels, restaurants-bars and visitor attractions.

I conduct an in-depth service performance appraisal of your operation.

Each assessment is tailor-made to your specific needs and requirements. I ‘walk the walk’ of a customer – so I call this appraisal the “Customer Journey”.

I specialise in programs for:

  • Hotels and guest-houses, self-catering businesses
  • Restaurants and bars
  • Visitor attractions

Mystery guest programs have been conducted in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Perth, Aberdeen and the Scottish Highlands. I and my team can operate anywhere – in the UK or Europe.

My approach

It is simple and is not ‘off the shelf’:

  • Firstly, you and I have a detailed consultation regarding your requirements. I must find out about your performance standards and expectations
  • I would also like to review any customer comments which may give a hint on any service issues
  • We both then define the objectives for the “Customer Journey” and the format of the assessment
  • A purpose build program will be developed, focussing on your specific business needs

For example, I can assessment specific operational issues such as the general customer service, F&B service proficiency, cleanliness – or any matter which has been highlighted in customer reviews e.g. on TripAdvisor

  • The assessment will be carried out anonymous
  • Once the assessment is completed, you will receive a verbal de-brief of our findings in addition to a written report

Debrief your team would be very usful to your operation; I actually encourage this approach because any issues can be discussed directly with managers and possible solutions can be discussed there and then.

Photographic evidence can be added to the report if requested.

  • Each assessment is graded or scored

You can either have a “one-off” assessment or repeat assessments which can highlight any “deep-rooted” matters. An on-going program will enable you to benchmark your business performance over time and monitor improvements and success.

Your benefits

  • An external assessment of your service performance has many benefits
  • Recommendations and solutions for any identified issues will be provided

Using a business-outsider will stimulate new thoughts, provide you with a better understanding of your real operation and it will help you to refocus your business approach.

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