Third Party Services

For Architects, Developers, Investors, Banks and Public Agencies

Hospitality Advice provides third party services supporting architects, developers, financial institutions and public agencies who are dealing with hotels, café-restaurants, bars, visitor attractions and tourism projects.

My aim is to provide professional and operation-oriented advice and support on topics which are often neglected or underestimated.

I call this support “third party services”.

Architects, Developers and Investors

Architects and developers may require advice during a project planning phase to ensure that an operation is properly functioning after opening. Insufficient focus on the operational needs will most certainly lead to difficulties when operating a hotel, café-restaurant or visitor attraction.

Sadly I have seen many hotels, café-restaurants and visitor attractions affected by poor and inadequate operational planning. In other words: avoiding mistakes at the planning stage will ensure a well-run operation contributing to the success of a business in the long-term.

My third party services focus on development or refurbishment projects of

  • Hotels
  • Café-restaurants
  • Visitor attractions
  • Any other accommodation business (e.g. self-catering)
  • or food and drink venue (e.g. bars)

What can go wrong?

Projects are often drawn up on paper without placing sufficient emphasis on operational conditions or requirements.

As a consequence a the business operation may be affected long-term resulting in lower profitability and/or return on investment.

Using a restaurant development as an example, I review areas at an early planning stage which are crucial for a properly functioning operation:

  1. customer access and/or circulation space – how is the operation affected based on the restaurant concept?
  2. general lay-out of premises considering service and food production sections – how easy – or not can the restaurant service be carried out?
  3. choosing the right location for food service area and kitchen facilities – how far are they apart and what how efficient is the service flow?
  4. storage and chilling facilities – location, size and capacity – is there enough storage space for goods and operating equipment based on the restaurant concept?
  5. type of service model (e.g. self-service vs a serviced operation) – considering “bottle-neck” situations or limitations to overall service functionality; how can service and food production cope with a full-house?
  6. food production facilities must be suitable and appropriate to guaranteeing the expected food quality based on the food service concept. The kitchen layout is crucial to the success of an operation; is the kitchen space large enough and can all the food production tasks be carried out efficiently?
  7. the service flow between in the kitchen and customer service area must function flawless; is there a ‘bottle-neck’ situation entering the kitchen, where are the service station located, how does the order system work etc etc?
  8. delivery and waste areas – these vital points are often forgotten or deemed not to be important. An operation will suffer based on such flawed decisions; how well can supplies be brought in, stored and waste be taken out?
  9. equipment repair and/or replacement situations – how easy or difficult will it be to replace e.g. a 6 burner stove or a double door refrigerator?
  10. staff areas – are often not considered important enough or not suitable; would an architect or developer work under the given conditions?

Talk to me

Avoiding mistakes at the planning stage will ensure a properly functioning operation contributing to the success of a business. Architects are not waiters or chefs – most of the time!

Similar considerations ‘to get things right’ must be taken for hotel and visitor attraction planning. The operational functionality is often neglected or completely disregarded when planning projects.

I have seen too many badly functioning hospitality venues. A dis-functional operation will have an adverse impact on the business. Rectifying mistakes at a later stage will be costly.

This must be considered by investors. Checking over plans and general developments by a third party – Hospitality Advice will provide additional assurances that the project is going the right way.

A brief discussion with me about a project can have a significant impact – it may be the decider between success or failure of a business.

Something else you must know and act upon

During a refurbishment and construction projects a client must be aware that the “Construction (Design Management) Regulation 2015” must be adhered to.

Meeting this legal obligation requires detailed coordination with the client’s H&S arrangements. I assist and advise.

Banks and Accountancy Firms

I assisted banks and accountancies in a variety of support functions:

  • General Business Support
  • Business Assessment
  • Interim Management – I provide short to medium term management support. I offer this service in circumstances in case of illness, management change-over or an insolvency. There is an added benefit for you: if you like I can conduct a business performance diagnostics and provide recommendations for possible improvements.

Enterprise Companies

I have worked extensively for Scottish Enterprise, Business Gateway and Highlands and Islands Enterprise over the years in a variety of support and advisory capacities.

Some examples of my operation support include:

Your benefits!

Using an external business advice specialist can have significant benefits:

  • my third party services will be tailor-made to your specific requirements and issues
  • I focus on  and provide solid solutions and recommendations
  • I am not on your payroll

Contact Hospitality Advice for more information and to discuss your requirements for expert business advice and advice.