How can you improve your sustainability credentials?

Think of your responsibilities and benefits:

Firstly, your responsibility includes Statutory Obligations – stuff you must do by law. There is also your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and moral responsibility to your employees, customers, business, environment and not least to your conscience.

The benefits include foremost that you operate legally (no fine, loss of reputation). Your appeal to customers and employees increases and your business reputation improves. Most of all you will benefit from reduced costs and better profits

My offer to you

Based on my experience and having worked in various sectors of the hospitality industry, I guarantee you that engaging with a sustainability campaign will have a positive impact on your business.

We must establish your current environmental management situation. As a result, we’ll then establish where we want to be and come up with a plan how we are going to get there. Simple!

This work does not have to take long. My function is to mainly guide you as the actual implementation of actions must be done by you. It is an on-going process, but you will feel really good about the results.

My focus is to assist Small and Medium Size Enterprises. SMEs often don’t have the time and money to engage with the “green-stuff”. Talk to me and we’ll make a difference to your sustainability approach.