Do you need help with employee training and development?

You’ll gain some serious business benefits:

  • Better employee job satisfaction, improved employee performance, raised employee morale, greater teamwork. Also enhanced compensation/rewards and good work-life balance for your employees.
  • Your customers and guests will benefit from superior quality service. As a result, your customer satisfaction levels will improve.
  • Most importantly, your business will benefit from higher employee productivity, less staff cost, reduced employee turnover. Consequently, you’ll have improved employee retention, increased employee engagement and healthier business culture. Your quality performance and customer service will be raised – what else do you want?

I will guarantee you that engaging with me will lead to higher profits, improved business success and long-term business continuity.

Read on if you like to know more.

What I’ll offer

Based on my experience and having worked in various sectors of the hospitality industry for over 40 years, I guarantee you an immediate change of performance if you engage with one or all my suggested programs:

·         (The short) Train the Trainer

·         Food Service Training

·         Operation or Workplace Training

·         Training Workshops

·         Business Mentoring & Coaching

·         Apprenticeship Support

My focus is to assist Small and Medium Size Enterprises. SMEs often lack the experience, don’t have the time and money to engage with professional employee training and development programs.

Learn more about the employee training and development I offer

(The short) Train the Trainer

Why the short train the trainer? You or your selected employees can spend days training to be a trainer without focussing on the relevance to your business or specific requirements. My training sessions will be tailored to your business needs.

Who must be trained?

When must training be carried out?

What must be trained – and

How must be trained.

It is that simple!

My train the trainer course prioritises on using practical examples from your operation – I use hands-on stuff so to speak. Role plays will also feature in the syllabus focussing on the operational practices of your business.

The course can be done on a “one-to-one basis” ideally 2 persons minimum – e.g. for your top-trainers. For a group of managers/employees we can engage with 10-12 participants.

I guarantee you, that having trained trainers in your business will transform your operation. You will experience an immediate performance improvement in your business.

Train the Trainer Development Course

Professional Food Service Training

Food Service Training

Your customers are visiting many different restaurants, cafes and events. Therefore, they can distinguish between poor, average or first-class service. Dishes coming from the kitchen may be exquisite but if the service does not match the food quality, your customers will not rate their experience very highly.

Professionally trained service staff must be the foundation if you seek to run a quality focused catering operation.  Having properly trained service staff is more important than ever. It provides you with a competitive advantage and gives you a better chance to survive.

My approach is simple: I will develop a training course to suite your operational needs. Each course is tailor-made and is designed to strengthen the service ability of your managers, supervisors and line staff.

Such a training course must not long and drawn out. But I guarantee you that this training course will make a difference to your food service delivery!

Operation or Workplace Training

How well do you deliver the old “on-the-job” training? Do you have gaps in your service delivery? Inconsistent service leads to errors and thus will have a serious impact on your quality performance. Ultimately it will lead to a reduction in your profit or worse.

You will continue to have service delivery gabs if you don’t have a structured training approach and follow up system.

I will help you to establish a training structure which is tailor-made to your business needs.  The training principles can be used by all operating departments. It will include a follow up and control system to ensure that your training efforts produce positive results. The training is carried out at your premises involving managers and staff as required.

Workplace Training
Workshops for Employee Training

Training Workshops

My training workshops cover a variety of subjects, but again, all will focus on your hospitality business.

Workshop sessions can last from a ½ day to several days based on the curriculum which needs to be covered.

This training format is particularly productive for smaller groups or departments. My workshops will make specific reference to your operational topics or focus on your statutory requirements.


Some examples of training workshops:

    • Food service training
    • Quality and Standards – setting standards for your operation
    • Train the Trainer or Group Trainer (short version)
    • Food Safety training
    • Health & Safety training
    • Licensing training
    • Sustainability – environmental improvements in your business
    • Recruitment and retention
    • General “On The Job” training
    • … and more

All my courses are designed to support senior managers and supervisors and staff. For group workshop sessions the number of trainees should ideally not exceed 10 participants.

Business Mentoring and Coaching

Using an external business mentor will positively transform your business performance.

My mentoring and coaching sessions will support managers and staff in order to maximise their job satisfaction and therefore job performance. This will lead to happier employees, improved employee retention and lower employee turnover.

As a “business-outsider”, I will have a different perspective of your business. Discussing various options and approaches will allow you to gain new and innovative ideas.

Mentoring and Coaching in Business

Therefore, mentoring and coaching can also help with

  • re-focussing your business approach
  • enhancing your business efficiency
  • discovering and discussing new business opportunities
  • strengthening the overall business performance

I have successfully helped companies as part of the Scottish Chambers of Commerce mentoring program and therefore am experienced in helping businesses.