Establish a vision for the future of your business

Top Priorities

A recent article in “The Caterer” outlined the key concerns of hospitality operators. Establishing a vision for the future of your business must be a top priority.

Top of the list is of course is the uncertainty about BREXIT and all related side issues such as rising costs and rates, safety elements, retaining staff and finding new customers.

The top industry priorities have been outlined as improving overall profitability, guest experience, cost reduction and investing in staff training.

Now this is an interesting one: how can you reduce costs and invest at the same time? Usually training and staff development are the first victims of any cost cutting exercise.

I assume that the apparent contradiction seeks to identify ways to increase staff/management productivity: better trained staff, better productivity, less costs, higher customer satisfaction, and better profits – and so on.

But where do we start? What comes first – the training or cost reduction?

For me, the approach is very clear: without a proper vision or plan you won’t get far or rather into a mess. You need a business assessment to map out the future of your business.

Hospitality Advice conducts business assessments and in a “joint venture” with you we device a structured plan to improve your performance and profitability. Use this service to conduct a “spring clean” to get ready for the season – check it out and contact Hospitality Advice for more information.