Does your visitor attraction experience any of these issues?

  • Increasing costs and expenditure?

  • Problems with finding skilled staff?

  • Issues in your café and retail section?

  • Getting mixed customer feedback?

  • Planning or refurbishing a visitor attraction?

Then I can help!

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I have worked with many visitor attractions

The reasons why you will benefit

Many visitor attractions have sprung up over the years and all seek to draw the attention of customers.

The attraction itself is important to generate the initial desire for a visit. But nearly all visitors will frequent the café-restaurant or buy a souvenir in the shop.

The café-restaurant and shop are a major source of income for any visitor attraction.

Getting the product offer and quality of service right is essential to round off the customer’s experience.

Do you expect better results from your café-restaurant and retail outlet?
Do you want to enhance the customer service in retail and catering?
Do you want to be more profitable?

“I specialise helping visitor attractions to maximise catering and
retail income and provide tangible advice on customer service improvements”

I am a professional Tourism Attraction Consultant based outside of Edinburgh and I have worked in Glasgow, Perth, Aberdeen the Highlands and Islands, South of Scotland and other areas of the UK.

Operating and maintaining a successful
visitor attraction is challenging

The customer service at your visitor attraction must be spot on. To achieve a quality experience and exceed customer expectations your services must perform consistently well – and this is not easy.

Foremost your attraction needs well trained staff with a “want-to-do”, not just “can-do” attitude. If you achieve this reasonably well, your productivity level may just be right which impacts your payroll cost. Untrained staff with a “having two hands” approach will affect your operating cost and quality performance.

The menu offer and choice in your café-restaurant is crucial to properly satisfy your visitors. Offering the same items as everybody else may not be the right decision. This might limit café-restaurant visitors returning on a frequent basis. To get your café-restaurant concept right you must know your market well.

Floor layout, merchandise selection and product offer, prizing and presentation – and more must be properly addressed to ensure a reasonable return from your shop. I work closely and in association with “The Retailer” – a retail specialist and expert who provides support and business advice for shops at visitor attractions.

Addressing seasonality issues are often a major concern for visitor attractions. This may require reviewing your seasonal and promotional calendar and amending your café-restaurant and retailing concepts to rapidly changing trends and market conditions.

Knowing your competitors is essential to identify business opportunities. And competition is vast. It is not just the attraction up the road but it can be any restaurant, cafe or shop. Potential visitors may choose them instead of your attraction. What is your special selling point to attract customers?

Do you master all this on your own?
How good are you at looking ahead and making the right decisions?

Still not convinced?

Then read a little more about what I do below

My main focus is to provide tangible solutions for positive changes

In principle all visitor attractions are different. However, three business features are the same for most visitor attractions: the attraction itself, the cafe-restaurant and the shop.

My emphasis centres primarily on the café-restaurant performance and also the retail side of the business.

I conduct a thorough and in-depth assessment of your operational functionality. This requires assessing the layout of your shop, café-restaurant and kitchen facilities. If, for example the circulation space, visitor flow or service functionality is restricted, this may have an impact on your results.

My next observation is to look at your location and your target markets. Have you analysed how these markets have shift over a period of a year or several years? Has your product offer been adjusted to the changing demand?

I will assess your seasonality. How is your attraction affected by seasonal changes? Does it shift – and when? How is your attraction influenced by the weather? What opportunities do you have?

One of my top priorities is to looking at your service performance. What does your customer feedback and your mystery shopper reports tell you? How do you respond to it? Do you adjust your standards of performance and staff training accordingly?

I will review your marketing and promotional activities. This will include assessing the effectiveness of your social media engagement and robustness of your promotional plan. How well is catering and retailing represented in your activities? How far ahead do you plan?

Your KPIs will give me some more information about your financial performance – especially when assessing your expenditures. This includes looking at your staff productivity and seasonal flexibility as well as direct catering and retail costs.

I will also review your “general administration”. This includes your business planning and forecasting, comparing your standards of performance with your customer feedback, training structure and legal compliance.

These are some examples of what I will assess. I adapt my assessment based on your attraction and specific requirements.

Can you afford the time and resources to address all these issues?

I look at weaknesses in your performance and find solutions to alleviate them.

I work with you to identify opportunities to enhance your profit and customer service.

My role is to challenge your thinking and decision making process

I provide solutions and energise you and your team

Planning a new or seeking to refurbish an attraction?

Operational functionality is of paramount importance – especially for the café-restaurant, kitchen and retail side of a visitor attraction.

Many mistakes are made when planning a visitor attraction unless sound advice is sought and accepted. Trust me – I have seen it too often!

I provide tangible advice to improve the operational functionality of
a café-restaurant, kitchen and shop operation of a visitor attraction

My saying is: “Whoever plans a café-restaurant, kitchen, servery or shop for a visitor attraction does not produce and serve food or drink nor stack shelves after the attraction is open”.

Therefore, Hospitality Advice and “The Retailer” would like to engage at an early planning stage in order to avoid costly mistakes.

Your customer service and profitability will suffer if you don’t get it right from the start. Rectifying service issues at a later stage is a nightmare and will cost more money.

Contact me!

and discuss your planning requirements!