Wishing you a successful 2019!

What will the future, especially the next calendar year bring? Now is the time to ask some questions.

At the moment it is difficult to look into the future – for many reasons but you can and must look back and analyse what has worked well and what needs to improve.

Reviewing your performance and results within your business is something you do already – I assume. How focussed are your reviews and what actions do you implement based on your findings? How effective will your actions be?

Consulting Hospitality Advice, an external expert might be something new to you but if you contact me it will bear several advantages: I am unbiased and look at your business from “the outside” and not from within. I will ask questions which you may not necessarily address in depth and I question the effectiveness actions – to ensure they achieve what you expect achieve. Together we will look at any issue of your operation to find practical and feasible solutions.

Some of the topics which may have affected you in the past might be: “the cost of poor service”, “problems with productivity”, “staff training issues”, “the benefits of improving the quality of your service”, “the danger of not adhering to statutory requirements” and more…

Tune in over the next few weeks and find out more about these issues; alternatively, let’s talk about your specific queries now and directly – contact Hospitality Advice.